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Questions & Answers
Question: I was approved for my Naturalization and will be sworn in as a U.S. citizen next week. My wife and stepson live here in the U.S. with me. They are on an expired E-2 visa since the company closed last year due to the economy. I heard that once I become a citizen, my wife can get some legal status. Is that true? What about my 8 year old stepson? Do I have to legally adopt him? It is very confusing.
Answer: Even though your wife and step- son are in the U.S. with an expired I-94, as long as they entered the U.S. legally (with inspection by an immigration officer) they can both still adjust status inside the U.S. to that of a Permanent Resident (Green Card holder). So, once you are sworn in as a naturalized Citizen, we can file residency petitions for your wife and step-son. A step-child is considered as a “Child” for immigration purposes, as long as the U.S. Citizen and foreign national marry before a child turns age 18. You step- son is only 8, so he is considered to be your child under immigration rules. Therefore, he can obtain his Green Card along with your wife. You would not need to legally adopt your step-son for his immigration process.
This Week's Immigration News 
By Immigration Attorney Caroly Pedersen
USCIS Advisory About Filing A Change of Address
The USCIS reminds sponsors and applicants to file a change of address after moving, in order to continue receiving notices and documents related to their pending case. The law requires most non-U.S. citizens to file a change of address within 10 days of moving.

You can update your address in one of two ways:

1) use the online Change of Address form or 

2) file a paper Form AR-11, Change of Address. For those with pending cases, you will need to have case receipt number and your old and new addresses. Those with pending cases who fail to file a change of address will not receive important notices from the USCIS including receipts, requests for evidence and Approvals. 
Visit the USCIS change your address Webpage:
USCIS Change of Address
New Immigration Chat Tool Called “Emma” Available On The USCIS Website
The new Virtual Assistant called “Emma” is now available online to answer customer questions and help navigate the USCIS website. Emma is a computer-generated “chat” tool which responds in writing or voice. 

Accessing Emma is easy, just visit the website and click on "Ask a question" in the upper right corner of the screen. A Chat window pops up, allowing you to type a question into her chat window. Emma will respond in writing, and if you click the speaker icon, she talks to you.
The tool is currently available for desktop computers, but will soon be available on mobile devices. Right now Emma is only fluent in English, but will also be available in Spanish and other languages in the future. 

Get to know Emma better:
New Virtual Chat Tool "Emma"
Question: Good morning. I am a U.S. Citizen and filed for my husband and he has his residency interview at the Embassy next week. We just wanted to make sure that what we are thinking is correct. We want to know if he is going to receive his Green Card at the Embassy interview or when he gets to the U.S.? The DS260 form we submitted to the Embassy asks us whether we want my husband to be issued a social security card and we said yes. Does that mean that it will automatically be sent to him in the mail? Finally, the $165 USCIS immigrant fee, will that have to be paid at the interview or online afterwards? Thanks so much in advance for the answers.
Answer: Your husband will not receive his Green Card during his Consular interview. The process goes like this: Once your husband is approved for his Immigrant visa at his consular interview, he will receive an Immigrant Visa package via courier for him to take with him when he enters the U.S.. At that time he enters the U.S., he presents the package to the U.S. officers at the airport and they process his paperwork and are supposed to order his Green Card and have it sent to the U.S. address he gives them. They will also stamp his passport with his immigrant entry stamp. It can take 30 days or so for him to receive his Green Card after he enters the U.S. The officers will also give your husband a social security application to fill out. He can complete it, but in my experience, more than half the time, nothing happens. Its best for him to visit the local social security office and apply in person for his card. The $165 Immigrant Visa fee is paid after the consular interview once his Immigrant Visa is approved and he has to pay it online before entering the U.S. and bring his receipt to show that it was paid. I hope this was helpful to you.
If you have an Immigration case pending with the USCIS, you can now sign up on the USCIS website  for Email Updates

Email updates allows you to get automatic updates whenever any action is taken on your case. CLICK HERE to sign up for USCIS Email updates.
Helpful Immigration Tips You Can Use...
Did you know that the USCIS has a website which gives Immigrant and other workers the ability to safely check their own employment authorization status in the government system? Its True!

 The USCIS has announced the creation of a new website which gives Immigrant and other workers the ability to safely check their own employment authorization status in the government system. 
Visit the new My E-Verify site to check your status:
Website Allows Immigrant Workers To Self-check 
Employment Eligibility Status
Called “My E-Verify”, the website gives individuals free access to self-check employment eligibility and to see information about themselves that an employer might see about them in the government E-Verify system, as well as to assist workers to combat fraud and protect against identity theft.
Immigration How To:
How Do I Sign Up For USCIS Email Case Status Updates?