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Updating Your Immigration Status In Social Security Records
To change your records, go to your nearest Social Security card and take your current card, U.S. Residency card, Driver’s License (if applicable) or valid Passport. The Officer will change your records in the system to reflect your new status and order a new Social Security card which does not have any restrictions. To learn more about changing your Social Security records, click on the link below:

Social Security Records Change
Did you know that a U.S. Citizen can sponsor a Parent to immigrate to the U.S., but not a dependant of the Parent (Spouse or Minor children)?

Yes, its true! As crazy as it sounds, Parents of U.S. Citizens are in a special immigration category called "Immediate Relatives". An Immediate Relative is not subject to any immigration quotas or visa availability and may immigrate immediately, as soon as the USCIS completes case processing. However, along with these special benefits are restrictions which prohibit any dependants from immigrating to the U.S. along with the Immediate Relative Parent. This means that spouses and children of a Parent cannot immigrate to the U.S. along with the Parent. It sounds cruel and inhumane and it is!

Under this process, a U.S. Citizen who is age 21 or older must file separately for each Parent. Of course biological or adoptive Parents are included, as are Step-parents, as long as the marriage between the biological Parent and the Step-parent took place before the U.S. Citizen child turned age 18. Parents immigrating at the same time through the U.S. Consulate abroad will have separate Embassy interviews at different times.

The tragedy of the Immediate Relative category is that minor children of the Parent cannot immigrate to the U.S. along with the Parent. In such cases, once the Parent immigrates and obtains U.S. Residency (Green Card), the Parent then sponsors the minor child. Currently, the waiting line is fairly short and may take less than once year for the child to be able to join the Parent in the U.S. However, at times, the F2A category for Spouses and minor children of U.S. Citizens can be backlogged and take several years of more for a child to immigrate. 

The Immigration Reform Bill Pending in the House of Representatives (already passed by the Senate) includes a provision which would allow Spouses and minor children of Immediate Relative to immigrate at the same time. For now, Parents should make arrangements according to the current law when beginning the immigration process, using the above guidelines. 

You can find out more about sponsoring Your Parents  by visiting our Website 
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